What kinds of cases do you accept?

We look at a variety of civil issues such as drivers relicensing, police accountability, land use, expungements, and LFOs as well as some other issues – we do not handle any criminal cases. We only accept certain kinds of civil cases – we are not able to handle all civil issues at the Center for Justice. Also, we are not able to take on every case even if it falls under the areas of law that we handle. We are a small office and only have resources to take on a small number of cases.

How do I get started in the Drivers Relicensing program?

The first step is to call the City Prosecutor at (509) 835-5951 to see if you qualify for their program. If you do not qualify there, you may qualify for our program. Please call our office at (509) 835-5211 and ask for the Drivers License department to talk to someone about it. They will ask you some questions to determine if you meet the basic qualifications and explain how to move forward.

What are your Drivers Relicensing fees?

$150, however, we also have additional fees for out of county tickets and HTO (Habitual Traffic Offender) hearings.

How do I schedule an intake appointment for other legal issues?

Call our office at (509) 835-5211. We have an intake process people have to go through to determine if we are able to help with your issue. The first appointment is information gathering – no legal advice is given. Our process usually takes 3 (or more) weeks after the initial appointment to determine if we can help

What are your hours?

Please remember you must have an appointment before coming into our office. We are generally open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. We are closed during the noon hour for lunch. We are closed on all Federal holidays and a few other days. Call our office to be sure before making a trip down.

Do you handle emergency walk-ins?

Unfortunately our process generally takes several weeks to determine if we can assist with your issue. We cannot handle walk-ins and cannot handle same day issues.

If I just have a quick question, can you answer it over the phone or via email?

Unfortunately we don’t have attorneys available to speak to you over the phone or via email. Even if you are just looking for answers to a simple legal question, you still have to go through our intake process for us to determine if we are able to assist you.