Center for Justice

Advocates for a Just Community

We believe in community empowerment and justice for all. Our deep sense of purpose drives us to do more. Join us in our work towards a vision of a more just and humane Spokane.




Getting Your License Back

We help get unpaid tickets out of collections, set up a time pay plan, and helps people drive legally again.


Clearing Your Record

We help vacate, expunge, and seal old criminal convictions so that they pose less of a barrier as you move on with your life.


Resolving a Housing Dispute

We help address a variety of landlord–tenant issues, such as discrimination, unsafe conditions, and public housing benefits.


LEgal Financial Obligations

We help minimize the amount you owe and set realistic budgeting goals so you can pay them and avoid sanctions.


Restoring your Voting Rights

Many people re-entering society don’t realize that when their probation is up, they’re eligible to vote again. We can help you register.

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Community Lawyering

One of the ways we describe what we do at Center for Justice is “community lawyering.” We’re here to advocate for justice in all its forms. That means we have programs and events that seek to do everything from empowering individuals to more community-oriented or systematic needs. Our general law program, also gives us the flexibility to take on issues not covered by our other programs. If there’s a need for justice in our community, we’ll find a way to partner with local organizations to address it.