How to become a Client

In almost every case, the tool we use to evaluate whether we are able to represent or otherwise assist someone is an intake interview. If you want to request an intake interview you must call our front desk at (509) 835-5211 and ask for an appointment. Unless you have physical limitations, we will ask that you come to our offices at 35 W. Main Avenue in Spokane to do the intake. One way to evaluate whether your case or problem falls within our practice area is to read about our cases here and here.

The purpose of the intake interview is to gather the information we need to determine whether the person(s) seeking our help fit our client profile and whether the case, cause, or grievance at issue is one that fits with our priorities and our expertise. Thus, when you come to an intake interview you will be asked a number of very specific questions about your circumstances and about the problem or issue you’re seeking our assistance with.

After the intake interview it will usually take between two to three weeks for use to decide whether we can accept your case. If we do decline your case, we can usually refer you to other services or organizations that may have more expertise or capacity to help with your problem.

As a matter of policy, we don’t represent people in criminal matters.