Spokane: A Political History

“Insiders & Naysayers”: A Search for the Headwaters of Spokane’s Modern Politics.

Editor’s Note: As we headed toward this year’s city elections, I asked long-time journalist and Spokane historian Bill Stimson if we could William Stimsonre-publish his ten-part series on Spokane’s political history, “Insiders and & Naysayers.” The articles were originally published at Camas Magazine in June, 2000, just when Camas and KXLY-TV were breaking apart the River Park Square scandal that had thrown the city into a tempest of litigation and finger-pointing.


(2009) “Insiders & Naysayers”: A Search for the Headwaters of Spokane’s Tempestuous

21st Century Politics.

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 1

Why Spokane?

Insiders and Naysayers, Part 2

Spokane’s Founding Political Idea: “Get it Done.”

Insiders and Naysayers, Part 3

The Election that Changed Spokane’s Politics

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 4

Government by Commission, “Spokaloo.”

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 5

The First Cowles

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 6

Insider Politics and Expo ’74

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 7

Bill Cowles and the Obligations of Power

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 8

“Naysayers” and Government Structure

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 9

Paul Sandifur and the Return of the Pan Tans

Insiders & Naysayers, Part 10

River Park Square