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Smart Justice in the Homestretch

Smart Justice in the Homestretch
What we're doing to reform Spokane's criminal justice system. And how you can help.

“Nothing Is Simple”

"Nothing Is Simple"
With the centerpiece reform of Proposition 1 in doubt, the Mayor and Police Chief meet with the press. (Includes audio.)

Cold Reality

Cold Reality
Center will co-host screening of "American Winter" on October 14th at the Bing.

Salvatori’s Salvo

Salvatori's Salvo
The councilman’s “out of excuses” move to implement Prop. 1 is neither rash, nor radical.

There’s a Train a’Comin’

There's a Train a'Comin'
Anna Vodicka worked the phones for Referendum 74, and therein lies a story.

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“Damn right,” Melinda then said to the next fellow in line. “Down at the market they’ll just throw you a fish.”

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