Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

For people who choose to make donations, sign up for our mailings, or register for volunteer service, we collect basic contact information (e-mail, phone, street address). Although we ask for phone numbers, we do not require phone numbers from those who wish to donate or receive electronic or regular mailings. For volunteers, we also ask, but do not require, basic information about work skills, experience and education.

What do we do with that information?

We keep a record of donors who choose to make a donation in the DonorPerfect data base, and we use Paypal to process the donations. Paypal does not provide us with payment information, i.e. bank account numbers, or credit card information. For those who wish to follow our work through emails and regular mailings we keep a record of the name, email and street addresses in a standard data base that is not shared outside our organization.

What we don’t do with that information.

We do not sell or share information about donors, prospective volunteers, or those who wish to follow our work with other organizations or entities.

How to opt-out or remain anonymous

Subscribers to emails or regular mails can opt-out at anytime by canceling their subscriptions. Nobody visiting the website is required to provide any identifying information to the Center for Justice.

How to protect yourself.

The best way to protect your privacy is to simply not provide personal information to the Center for Justice. While some information is necessary to complete the transactions desired by the users (i.e. receiving emails and other mailings) that information is limited to name and address.